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Institutional Services

Structuring Services
Carlisle is devoted to providing specialized Management Services for investment funds in Luxembourg. Regardless of the institutions particular case, Carlisle is dedicated to meeting the challenge as well as building long lasting ties with its clients. Institutions that choose to work with Carlisle will gain access to unmatched resources, both from our extensive experience, our proprietary management systems and our qualified network of service providers that can help structure an investment vehicle that meets strict investors requirements. We look to form a long-term bond with our clients and will be available to them for any day to day needs they may encounter.

Asset Acquisition Services
While always considering potential conflicts of interest we may be subject to when providing asset acquisition services, Carlisle has a comprehensive understanding of aggregation and acquisition in Alternative Investments. Our firm has taken considerable time and resources to negotiate and form sourcing relationships with some of the industry leading providers, brokers and other entities actively trading alternative assets. Further, Carlisle can provide important support during the due diligence process in order to mitigate risks during the acquisition phase.