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Fund management

Carlisle Funds can provide the highest quality of management systems and compliance, always pushing innovation and quality to its limit within a predetermined and robust risk management framework.

Carlisle Management Company S.C.A is a management company as defined under chapter 16 of the Luxembourg law dated 17 December 2010 relating to undertakings for collective investments.

The Management Company is the authorized as an alternative investment manager ("AIFM") within the meaning of the AIFM Directive and the AIFM Law and in this quality is responsible for portfolio management and risk management functions of the suite Funds it manages.

The Management Company determines the investment policy of the Fund and its Sub-Funds within the objectives and the restrictions set forth herein and in the Placement Memorandum. It manages the assets of the Fund and its Sub-Funds in compliance with the Management Regulations in its own name, but for the sole benefit of the Unit holders of the Fund.