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Carlisle was established to provide minimally correlated fund options in the alternative asset space.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, our state-of-the-art facilities and statistical modeling systems incorporate knowledge gained from 50+ years of combined investment experience within the alternative asset sector. While the market for alternative assets is based on a finite set of criteria, investors have long demanded a leaner, more efficient alternative investment opportunities. We aim at offering our investors a robust risk management while achieving superior investments returns.

Our investment expertise focuses exclusively on the management of regulated Investment vehicles. To date, we manage exclusively Luxembourg based investment products constituted as either a Specialized Investment Firm (SIF) or Reserved Alternative Investment Funds (RAIF), under the Luxembourg Law. While being supervised by the Luxembourg regulator and being subject to controls of reputable audit forms at both management company and fund level, we operate independently, allowing us to focus solely on investors call for transparency and performance, within a regulated framework providing accurate management of the risks involved while maximizing investment returns.

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